Program Overview

Integrated Plant Sciences (IPS) allows first-year graduate students to explore the research areas of over 70 faculty. Entering students perform three laboratory rotations in the fall semester, while taking a reduced core curriculum that is designed to facilitate the transition to graduate education and research. Students then choose a thesis advisor and one of our 10 participating PhD graduate programs and begin thesis research.

A hallmark of this competitive plant–centered graduate program is its emphasis on utilizing the excellent resources in the plant community at UGA to enable cutting-edge research in diverse and interdisciplinary fields.

Integrated Plant Sciences at the University of Georgia provides

  • PhD training in interdisciplinary plant research areas
  • Customized research specializations
  • Competitive financial support
  • Plant-focused seminars, retreats and symposia
  • A highly interactive plant sciences community spanning applied and fundamental research outcomes
  • Strong mentoring and job placement

IPS students get to select from these department and Institute-based PhD programs:

Already know who you want to train under? 

If the faculty member is in Plant Breeding, Genetics & Genomics, Plant Pathology, or Horticulture and they have agreed that you can join their program, then direct admission is possible, foregoing the rotations in the 1st year. Until further notice, please apply directly to the department of interest for direct admissions.