Meet Our Alumni

Integrated Plant Sciences equips our graduates with the necessary skills and connections to thrive after graduation. We are proud of our Alumni and constantly work to ensure a successful future for them.

What brought you to UGA?

The science and department reputation convinced me to apply. The people and welcoming nature convinced me to accept.

Of all the interviews I did for various plant heavy universities, UGA was the only one where students looked happy, especially in Plant Biology. My positive reflection of grad school and academia are because of Plant Biology and the people in that department, who are good, kind folks that are more interested in your success than their own.

Rishi R. Masalia, PhD in Plant Biology, ’18

The reputation of the faculty at the University. I met Dr. Allan Armitage first, while working in the Horticulture industry. After transferring to UGA, I realized that nearly every professor I met was a leader in their respective field of research.

Rebecca Tashiro, MS in Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Genomics, ’09

What do you miss most about UGA?

The community, without a doubt. Also, of course, being at a small liberal arts school now, I kind of miss the amazing resources for research at UGA!

Katharine (Katie) Putney, PhD in Plant Biology, ’17

The comradery of the department was great. Plant Biology was a welcoming environment and felt like a community that I belonged to while I was a student.

The greenhouse facilities were excellent and spending my summers, sweating and working at those greenhouse benches, were actually some of my fondest memories.

Alex Pilote, PhD in Plant Biology, ’17

Being a Bulldog is more than a memory or a degree. It’s a deep-rooted community, united by the Arch and the Hedges, by Broad Street and Milledge Avenue and by the sound of Glory, Glory.