Brilliant careers start with plant science

tobacco plant flower

Most life on earth depends on plants.  Plants and their associated organisms are a key component of landscapes and vital for human sustenance.  Though mainly considered a source of food, feed and fiber for humans, plants are increasingly playing greater roles as a source of fuel, renewable plastics, pharmaceuticals, and a wide range of products.  Thus, understanding how plants work and adapting them to meet societal needs is vital for future sustainability.  Plant scientists are found in academia, industry, government and many other institutes and organizations.

Choose your area of plant science

Plant scientists specialize in a wide range of disciplines, such as bioinformatics, breeding, genetics, genomics, evolution & ecology, biotechnology, epigenetics, developmental biology, fungal biology, modeling, molecular biology, physiology, pathology, synthetic biology, and plant-microbe interactions. Research can be at the computational, molecular, cellular, organismal, or ecological level.

Don’t know where to start?

The University of Georgia created the Integrated Plant Sciences graduate school program for students who want to experience different aspects of plant science before making their final choice. Regardless, an opportunity to explore several different areas of plant science can be extremely beneficial to student careers, to the point some the IPS participating departments require rotations of all their incoming graduate students.

The University of Georgia has a long tradition of outstanding plant science research. Come be part of it!

With nearly 60 faculty and 9 participating PhD graduate programs, the University of Georgia is among the most interdisciplinary and comprehensive plant science graduate programs.  At any given moment, over 100 graduate students in the plant sciences contribute to a dynamic learning environment within the context of cutting-edge research on timely topics.  There’s no plant science that you can’t pursue at UGA within the IPS program.

To learn more about the research opportunities within the IPS program, please contact us or select from one of the options below to learn more about the research strengths of IPS-affiliated units.  Plant research opportunities are excellent at our institution so apply today!