tobacco plant flower

Integrated Plant Sciences (IPS) at the University of Georgia provides

  • PhD training in interdisciplinary plant research areas
  • Customized research specializations
  • Competitive financial support
  • Plant-focused seminars, retreats and symposia
  • A highly interactive plant sciences community spanning applied and fundamental research outcomes
  • Strong mentoring and job placement

At UGA you choose.

Integrated Plant Sciences (IPS) allows first-year graduate students to explore the research areas of nearly 60 faculty and 9 participating PhD graduate programs. Entering students perform three laboratory rotations and take a reduced core curriculum in the fall semester that is designed to facilitate the transition to graduate education and research. Students then choose a thesis advisor and graduate program, and begin thesis research. A hallmark of this competitive plant–centered graduate program is its emphasis on utilizing the excellent resources in the plant community at UGA to enable cutting-edge research in diverse and interdisciplinary fields