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Integrated Plant Sciences students conduct cutting-edge plant-related research on timely topics with applications to society. Research topics can cover a wide range: Bioinformatics, Breeding, Genetics, Genomics, Evolution & Ecology, Fungal Biology, Modeling, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Plant-Microbe Interactions. Research can be at the molecular, cellular, organismal, or ecological level. There’s nothing you can’t pursue at UGA within the IPS program.

IPS students select three rotations from 57 faculty housed in different departments and Colleges. This gives you the opportunity to experience different programs and opportunities before selecting your PhD research topic.

To learn more about the research opportunities within the IPS program, please contact us or select from one of the options below to learn more about the research strengths of IPS-affiliated units.

Plant research opportunities are excellent at our institution so apply today!

Department and Institute-based PhD Programs

IPS offers a 1-stop application process for students interested in any of the Department and Institute-based PhD Programs that perform studies in the plant sciences.