Ben Chadwick

What brought you to UGA? To join the IPS program. I was interested in fungal pathogens and UGA has many research professors in the fungal biology field.

What are your research/study interests? My area of interest is fungal biology and genetics. My PhD research focuses on the role of CO2 tolerance in pathogenesis, and mechanisms behind cellular differentiation in Cryptococcus neoformans.

What has been a benefit of being part of IPS?/How did it help you select your program? I think the most beneficial aspect of the IPS program is having lab rotations before selecting a program. The rotations give a chance to experience ​being a part of different labs studying different topics.

What are your career goals? ​My career goal is to launch my own lab and contribute to biological research as well as train future scientists.

Who is your major professor? Dr. Xiaorong Lin