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Zheng-Hua Ye

ProfessorPlant genetics and biochemistry of secondary cell wall biosynthesis
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Breeanna Urbanowicz

Assistant ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular Biology; Complex Carbohydrate Research CenterWebsite | LinkedIn | Google and function of plant carbohydrate active enzymes
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Debra Mohnen

Georgia Athletics Association ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular Biology; Plant Biology; Complex Carbohydrate Research CenterWebsite |  of plant cell wall polysaccharides
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Michael G. Hahn

ProfessorPlant Biology; Complex Carbohydrate Research CenterWebsite | Google Scholar |  of plant cell wall polysaccharides using monoclonal antibodies
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Kelly Dawe

Distinguished Research ProfessorPlant Biology; GeneticsWebsite | Google , cytogenetics
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Jeff Bennetzen

Norman and Doris Giles Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar,National Academy of Sciences MemberGenetics; Plant Biology; Institute of BioinformaticsWebsite | Google comparative genomics, genome structure and evolution
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Maor Bar-Peled

ProfessorPlant Biology; Complex Carbohydrate Research carbohydrates synthesis and regulation, biochemistry and molecular biology
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