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Jake Fountain

Assistant ProfessorPlant PathologyGoogle Scholar | ResearchGate , postharvest pathology, fungal genetics
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Caterina Villari

Assistant ProfessorPlant Biology, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural ResourcesWebsite | Google Scholar |  pathogens, resistance mechanisms of trees, chemical ecology, insect-fungi symbioses
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Michelle Momany

ProfessorPlant BiologyWebsite |  genetics, cytoskeleton, polar growth
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Xiaorong Lin

ProfessorPlant Biology; MicrobiologyWebsite | Google genetics, human fungal pathogens, sexual reproduction, dimorphism, pathogenesis, protein trafficking
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Zachary Lewis

Associate ProfessorPlant Biology; MicrobiologyWebsite | Google genetics, chromatin structure and function, epigenetics, gene regulation
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Chang Hyun Khang

Assistant ProfessorPlant BiologyWebsite | -fungal interactions, rice, blast fungus
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Douda Bensasson

Assistant ProfessorPlant Biology; Institute of BioinformaticsWebsite | Google domestication, bioinformatics, population genetics, evolution
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