Integrated Plant Sciences
Diversity Preview Week

Hosted by UGA graduate students, our mission is to increase diversity within the plant sciences.

Program Overview

This program was started by UGA graduate students affiliated with the Plant Center. The purpose of the program is to increase the diversity of applicants to the Integrated Plant Sciences program. This is a free event and open to anyone interested in pursuing graduate school in the plant sciences.

This program offers prospective students guidance in applying to the IPS  program. Participation in this program includes:

  1. Individualized application feedback by trained IPS Graduate Students
  2. One-on-one meetings with potential faculty mentors
  3. A live graduate student panel (via Zoom)

To accommodate as many students as possible, faculty meetings and application feedback will be scheduled based on the student’s schedule! Additionally, the live Q&A panel will be based on the availability of the group selected to participate in this program.

Individuals who participate in this program will have their application fee to our graduate school covered for application to the Integrated Plant Sciences Program.

Who should apply?

  • Anyone interested in pursuing graduate school in the plant sciences
  • Those from marginalized or historically excluded groups
  • Those lacking mentorship about graduate school
  • Those with barriers to access regarding graduate school

Applicants will be evaluated based on interest, availability, and need. You will NOT be evaluated based on your level of research experience or traditional academic merit (e.g. GPA, coursework). 

Deadline to apply:

November 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Faculty Meetings

Prospective applicants will be able to meet one-on-one with faculty whose research they are interested in. Meetings will be coordinated by the committee.

Graduate Student Panel

Selected applicants will share their availability with the organizers to pin down a date/time for a live Q&A panel with current graduate students via Zoom.

Individualized Application Feedback

Prospective students will submit drafts of their statement of purpose and curriculum vitae and current graduate students will provide individualized feedback on the student’s written materials. Each applicant/graduate mentor pair will meet over Zoom to discuss their application materials and anything else about the application process, IPS, or UGA!

All of our graduate student mentors are provided with the rubric used by the IPS admissions committee and receive a one hour training on best practices for providing writing feedback.

Meet the Team

Faculty Meeting Organizers

Application Feedback Organizers

Graduate Student Panel Organizers


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